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  • Cool Ways to Keep Your Displays Cool
  • 29-02-2016

Summer is around the corner for people in the northern hemisphere. And this means heat challenges for LED displays, especially those working outdoor. Besides threat of thunder strikes and lightening, outdoor LED display are also exposed to severe heat problem in summer. Working under burning heat challenges the quality and regular maintenance of LED displays. QSTECH Co.,ltd has accumulated practical and professional methods about how to keep LED displays cool under the heat. QSTECH now share with you some simple and easy way to start cooling journey for LED displays.

Rule number one:

To choose LED display of premium quality and make choices only among creditable and experienced suppliers. LED displays are consist of surface shades, circuit boards, and the most important component LED. LED displays are known sets of complicated devices and sophisticated  display systems. To make sure a LED display could work well and project beautiful images, the suppliers and manufacturers are required to choose highly qualified components. However, there are some well-known LED displays suppliers are making considerable profit with entry level displays, but the LED display products just have certain famous branding added to them. QSTECH Co.,ltd has been founded for 24 years, and when others in the industry are working on problems and malfunction caused by heat or rain, QSTECH knows well already how to avoid the possible causes in the first place when they design the products. Choosing the LED display products from a manufacturer that is as good as his words is the rule number one for an terrific experience of LED displays.

Rule number two: heat dissipation is of priority

The larger displays are, more power consumed, more heat will be produced. Hot weather in the summer reduces heat dissipation efficiency of LED displays.

To have heat efficiently dissipated, designs of the interior and the external structure are of equal importance.LED displays designed and manufactured by QSTECH adopts fanless design to reduce current load and cut down heat produced.

Rule number three: Standard installation

Short circuit happens a lot to LED displays. However, short ccircuit and so like problems will not happen to highly qualified LED displays. To have displays work normally under harsh conditions, installation personnel should observe requirement and instruction strictly to make sure the displays are corrected with power. Moreover, the inflammable should be cleaned up at installation spot. The last but not least, LED displays should be subject to professional test and quality check.

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