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  • Commercial Effect of LED Display in Airport
  • 18-10-2013

Passengers waiting in the security line at Denver International Airport can pass the time by either watching travelers slog through the tedious process or by drifting away with digital advertisements and art.


DIA and Clear Channel Airports rolled out its newest technology project this week, including four eye-catching LED video towers in the airport's main Jeppesen Terminal. Standing at 26-feet each, the towers are the largest digital displays and the only curved LED screens in any U.S. airport.


"You have a long dwell time here because you have a captive audience," said by a Clear Channel executive.

Airports are a desired location to do business due to the "captive audience" phenomenon, and there is nowhere more captive in the airport than the security lines.


With more than 50 million passengers streaming past the LED screens each year, the installations are expected to rake in $95 million in revenue over the duration of the 10-year agreement.


The digital platform allows more than one advertiser in each physical space. For instance, the video ads played on the Full Color LED Display at airport are on a one-minute loop, allowing six companies or organizations to advertise in a ten-second slot. An advertising professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder said that digital and interactive advertising is not new but is definitely the wave of the future. "I believe it is a step in the right direction and a good way to generate revenue," He said. "And, it is where the whole world is going."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              --- From The Denver Post

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