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  • LED Display - How to Choose the Best Size for Your Panels
  • 28-10-2013
LED signs are available in an overwhelming number of sizes. How do you determine which size will be most effective in your location? Imagine the disappointment and frustration that occurs when a new sign is installed and it turns out that the letters are too small for viewers to read? Or the letters are big enough, but there isn't enough room on the display area for a complete message. So passers by only see part of what you want them to read. Understanding Viewing Distance, Pixel Matrix and Resolution (or Pitch) will help you make an informed decision.

Viewing Distance is considered as one factor in determining the size of LED sign you need. In addition to the actual distance between the sign and your target audience, it is important to consider how they will view the sign. Will they be walking/ standing or driving by? If driving, what is the speed of traffic? The answers to these questions will determine which Character Height will be most effective in your location.

An LED Pixel Matrix indicates how many rows of text your sign will display and how many characters will fit across the display area. Pixel Matrix is determined by multiplying the number of pixels vertically by the number of pixels horizontally. For instance, a Pixel Matrix of 16x80 means the display area consists of 16 vertical rows of pixels and 80 horizontal rows.

Finally, don't overlook the Resolution, also referred to as Pitch, when determining the best type of LED sign for your location. Resolution is the degree of sharpness and clarity of a displayed image and it is a factor that will greatly affect the price of the sign. Higher Resolution means more diodes and more circuits, which usually means a higher cost. The total Resolution of a sign is determined by the Pitch: The measurement between pixels. A pixel can be composed of one single diode or a cluster of many diodes running off the same circuit. In such cases, the distance from the center of one diode to the center of another diode (usually stated in millimeters) determines the Pitch. The smaller the Pitch number, the higher the resolution. Longer viewing distances require less resolution while shorter viewing distances require higher resolution.

When you choose LED Screen Displays next time, you can take these factors into consideration to help you make a wise decision. In fact, it is not as complicated as it seem to be, just bearing the viewing distance, pixel matrix and resolution in your mind, i am sure you could become an expert on the size of LED Panel you need.

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