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  • 22-11-2013


LED displays are extremely well designed, rugged, reliable, and environmentally friendly products. They come in a comprehensive range of in varied sizes, offering sizable budget savings. These LED display also include features such as, temperature display and clock and are manufactured from superior quality raw material that can really enhance the durability of products.

LED displays can be clearly seen from hundreds of metres even during the day time. A superior quality in all of the product range is always maintained by many companies, in order to successfully win the trust of their customers. A well defined quality policy of these companies ensures premium quality of all of their finished products and always strives to exceed customer expectations in all aspects of business and service and efficiently deal with the increasing needs of market.

? There are many LED display manufacturers, who can offer the complete range of various LED displays and related equipments in the domestic as well as international market. All-Win Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the LED display manufacturer. Their LED displays are very exciting and excellent media for indoor and outdoor advertising and are clearly visible from very long distance.

? You just need to plug into a power socket, prepare and load your presentation (through user friendly software, which comes with the product), mount (easy mount system included) and display to your customers. You can also create animations to attract people attention by adding bmp images from your computer or make them using the provided software. Single or multi lines of text and graphics can also be easily created by the included software.

? At every stage of production of these LED displays, a team of experts thoroughly tests the products so as to assess whether they comply with international quality standards. You can set-up up to eight separate presentations displaying at pre-programmed times, which is perfect for targeted audiences, manage effective commercial time for when you have a targeted campaign.

? These display boards can be made according to the size of the standard casing. The dimensions of your LED sign can be easily extended, even a long after your initial purchase. These boards are easy to programme by the professionally developed and user friendly software and can be easily adjusted using the included software.

? They have many other advantages like their handiness, super-thinness, transparency, rainproof, super large area application and easy installation. They are also resistant from attack by stones, paint, etc.

There are many LED display manufacturers with a very sound team of highly dedicated individuals, who work hard to provide the best range of LED displays boards and services to their customers. They are well trained for timely completion of consignments and following international quality in all their work process and have got extensive work experience in the industry. The LED displays that are made are energy efficient for low operating costs, easy to program so anyone can use them, meticulously constructed for low maintenance, and locally supported for the ultimate in reliability. These LED display boards would also allow one of the most reliable means of making an impact on your valued customers.

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