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Curved Full Color LED Display at BBVA Bancomer Bank in Mexico City

  • Location:  
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Application:  
  • Message
  • Pitch:  
  • 6mm
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  • Curved|Message|Full Color LED Display|Indoor|BBVA Bancomer Bank

QSTECH cooperated with partner – Mexico KOLO again to install a big curved indoor Full Color LED Display for BBVA Bancomer Bank at PERISUR Business Zone in Mexico City. The curved Full Color LED Display adopts Zeus SMD 6mm indoor panel and ETL certified cabinet, the area of the big LED Display is 53.748 m2, and the radius of inner arc is 14.84m.

QSTECH product comes with loop backup (data redundancy) and color calibration with Radiant Imaging system, the correction data is stored in tile, no calibration data work is required when replacing tile, or data board.


The big colorful curved LED Display from QSTECH is showing business information to pass-by people and giving them a fine show to enjoy the ATM waiting time. What’s more, the high quality and the creative curved LED Display solution also improve the brand popularity for the BBVA Bancomer Bank in Mexico City.

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